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NS Business Talks is the organization that gathers business professionals, entrepreneurs and startups from all industries.

We are focused on high level networking events with great speakers. Events are held once or twice a month, mostly in Novi Sad. Except privately held on call, events, there are public events that will be held in conference halls and that are open to everyone who wants to hear something new, different and to learn more.

Once a month we are having private events that are on call only. Through the registration form  you can be in the pool of people who can be called for the next event. Private events have limited number of invited people per event.



Most frequent questions and answers

We are organizing NS Business Talks events for business professionals, entrepreneurs and startups from all industries. If you are on senior, lead or top management position, in company that you work in, we are happy to have you!  

You can request registration through the following link – Request Registration Form

All events will include opening and closing speeches from organisers. We will have guest speakers on every event, and the most important part – networking, which will usually take biggest part of the event. 

Most of the events will be located in Novi Sad, with some exceptions. Exact location of event will be sent to participants couple of days before the event.

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